An independent Blade library for

Parsing, analyzing, and manipulating Blade simplified.

Leverage the built-in fault-tolerant parser to make work of even the most challenging Blade templates quickly.

Parsing Code Preview

Work with simple yet powerful APIs to quickly find what interests you. Need to know where something is in a template? Not a problem.

Analysis Code Preview

Discover common issues within a code base before a page refresh with the validation APIs, customizable to fit your specific team or project's needs.

Validation Code Preview

Work efficiently with compiled Blade templates utilizing the provided compiler, a perfect fit for custom tooling ranging from validation to generating source maps.

Compilation Code Preview

Built with tool makers in mind.

Free & Open Source

Blade Parser is free software, released under the MIT license.

Exceptionally Documented

Thorough documentation, which frequently receives updates and improvements.

Heavily Tested

Backed by a test suite of over 2,000 tests and 8,000 checks

Powerful tools. Simple DX.

Blade Parser provides incredibly powerful tools packaged in a series of simple APIs, designed for developer productivity and happiness.

Blade Parser ships with batteries included

The library ships with a powerful validation library. You can build on it to suite your own needs, or use the provided Artisan command to get up and running quickly.

  • Detect common syntax errors
  • Identify possible recursion
  • Leverage existing tools, such as Larastan, for even more power
  • And much, much more

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